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Did you ever meet someone on a vacation or short trip that you became friends with and kept in touch?

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Never had the opportunity. Interested in hearing what others say.

I never met anyone on a trip that I kept in touch but I did run into a classmate many miles from where we had gone to school. I graduated high school in Great Falls, MT and about 4 years later after I had gotten married and we had moved to Roswell, NM, where he was stationed in the Air Force, I went to the post office one day and a girl said, aren't you Syble Beck? I turned around and there was a girl that I had gone to school with in Great Falls.. 

I have, on occasion, encountered an old classmate in an unexpected location, several times, but not recently. I don't remember ever making and keeping a friend elsewhere.

Twice now we went to Cook Forest PA (100 miles away) to visit with family on vacation only to find former neighbors from home in the next cabin.

Three times...all on Amtrak. When I first went home for the Holidays, in 2007, I met a lovely senior couple from Richmond, and we still keep in touch. My seatmate in 2008, an artist from California, recently moved to Fredericksburg, has been a friend ever since. And then, about 3 years ago, I met a gentleman from Cleveland. He's at least 15 years younger than me, but we sat up all night in the club car talking. We have been FB friends ever since, and keep in touch on Messenger.

Amtrak for me too Karin. See my reply.

My husband and I met another couple on an Alaska cruise tour in 2003...we were from MT and they were from FL. we hit it off and hung out together on the trip and stayed in touch. As bad luck happened, Joyce was a widow in a year and I was a widow in another year, but we kept in touch. The 2 of us did another Alaska cruise in 2008, and she has come to MT to visit twice. We've been out of touch recently, but I need to Email and catch up.

My seat mate on the long Amtrak ride from Newark, N.J. to Orlando, FLA turned out to be so nice and so fun. We had a great time. We took a couple of pictures together and in one I swear we could pass for sisters. She and I have kept in touch via Facebook. I plan to post that picture of us, captioned by Do you think we look like sisters?

On the way home, I met a nice couple on line. They wound up sitting across from me. The husband was crazy funny. He was ex military and also engaged in some deep conversations. I enjoyed them until they disembarked in Delaware. We did not arrange to keep in touch however.

No trip or vacation- but in 1985- I took a class- the teacher never showed up- a girl there and i went for coffee - became very good friends- done many fun things- still in touch.

Yes a girl from Vancouver




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