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What was your very first job and how did you like it?

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As an aide in a nursing home. I always enjoyed those jobs but some places much more than others.

I worked the lunch counter at Woolworth's the summer between high school and college. It was ok. I was much more introverted back then.

I had house cleaning and baby sitting jobs as a teenager but my first real job after graduating high school was in the mail room for General Mills.  It was interesting and I like it. 

Other than working on the farm my first paid job was picking tomatoes in a green house getting off school bus for 10 cents a box. Parents picked me up after work was done.

You reminded me that one summer when I lived in Oregon, I picked beans and strawberries and made enough money to buy my school supplies, and clothes for the coming school year plus a bicycle.  I was 12 years old.

I got my first job at age 16 at a garment factory. I had to pull of certain amounts for cutting. I wasn't fast enough so I was fired after one week. I was so glad because I absolutely hated that job! No way in hell would I want to have to do that 5 days a week for life. I learned quickly...factory work was not for me.

While in school, I worked summer jobs in a rolling mill at a local steel company. My first full-time, paying job was teaching Jr. High science. Hated both.

When I waas 15 I babysat a couple of kids plus kept the house clean, laundry done and all the cooking for the family. I worked 12 hours a day. My money was spent on my sister's wedding. Not a fun summer.

My first full time job after high school was working for a subsidiary of Shell Oil Co.  I worked in the steno pool.  You'd wait for one of the big shots to call down and the boss lady (very mean) would tell us where to go.  The guy, it was always a guy in 1967, would dictate a memo, telegram or letter and you'd take it all down in short hand and go down stairs and tupe it.  I was horrible at both and hated it.  After about 3 months I walked across the street to the RCA building in Manhattan and applied for a clerical job at NBC.  I worked where they took care of royalities for shows that nbc owned and were playing at various pplaces.  We mad sure thoe payments came in and were paid out according to the contracts.  

Other than baby sitting- my 1st. real paying job was helping my aunts clean motels on the week-ends- very digusting job. Looking back now I wonder why it was me doing it and not their daughters?

I worked in a factory and it didn't last long because I didn't like it. Later on I started working for the State holding various titles throughout the years.




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