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Will you be setting off fireworks this year?  The nieces and nephews come to our house for the Fourth of July since we can shoot fireworks where we live. 

Do you have any stories or memories of shooting off fireworks?   Big celebrations?  Family gatherings?

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Philadelphia does a major bash... ya know, being Philadelphia and all… and that whole Declaration of Independence thing :-)
In my youth it wasn’t to be missed; now I stay closer to my house—two blocks to be exact.
My little township does a very Americana Fourth of July celebration—A parade and 5K run in the morning then all kinds of activities during the day concluding with two different bands performing and then fireworks. I live two blocks away from the park so I have a little soiree every year. The kids [and grown-ups] can walk back and forth to the park and then we watch the fireworks from my backyard.
Our town has a parade in the morning every 4th. Actually a big deal for the county. A lot of old tractors, classic cars, uh, local politicians, and more. We live a block from Main street so we just walk to it. Side question: When did throwing candy at the kids from the passing vehicles come into being?

We have our usual family fireworks display and then outside of town is the "city" park. They usually have a rodeo (don't snicker) and the yearly Steam and Tractor Show and later at night they have a big fireworks extravaganza.
HaHaHa! Fireworks! Fat Chance! My neighborhood is mostly seniors, and where you have a bunch of seniors, you're gonna have committees, and where you have committees, you're gonna have a bunch of rules, and where you have seniors, committees and rules, you just know those rules are gonna prohibit having too much fun. Yep, our subdivision rules prohibit fireworks, so in the next couple of days, there'll be signs plastered all over the place reminding us to not fire off anything.

Hi Stir!
Looks like the planets are aligned tonight ;-)
I'm a Cancer, whats your sign?

Sorry, couldn't resist ;-D
Just one M-80, Stir. Open your door, light it and toss it in the street and then run back inside. You know you want to.
Oh, Stir, come to Cannon Falls! We have a fair the 1st through 4th of July (the Cannon Valley Fair) and a big fireworks show at the fairgrounds on the 4th. We leave the old crabby people at the beer garden and watch the fireworks on the hill by the fairgrounds. Dang, about the committees and rules where you are.
Our little town always has a nice municipal fireworks display on the 4th. Thank goodness the subdivision despots don't run the town too. I'll be attending a private party back in my home town on the 4th, where the only possible fireworks will be from the spouses of well oiled 60+ year old guys trying to relive their youth through pathetic actions and retelling of old stories.

I'm looking forward to it.
I often do, but I won't be home this year, so whatever happens will be an adventure. :)
Was in a Oldsmobile Toronado with some friends one night, around this time of the year. Somebody in the back seat had a Blockbuster ( equivalent to an 1/8 of a stick of dynamite ). He lit it and went to throw it out the window, only the window was closed. It ended up blowing the carpet and padding on the rear floor about everywhere. Couldn't hear people talking to me when we got out of the car. Loudest damn thing I think I've ever encountered.
Reply by Ubu 10 hours ago
Side question: When did throwing candy at the kids from the passing vehicles come into being?

Thank you! I've asked the same question! I don't remember that when I was a kid.

...They usually have a rodeo (don't snicker)...

No snicker...big ole belly laugh ;-D




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