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When I get really depressed there are a couple of films that I can depend on to make me laugh no matter what! One of them is Galaxy Quest - I love its upbeat message and can do attitude as well as its gentle mockery of geekiness and fandom! What movie can you rely on to make you feel better when you need a lift?

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Down With Love, Galaxy Quest, Donovan`s Reef Crack me up every time and the latter has such beautiful music to boot.
"Harold and Maude" will always top my list on this one.
I LOVE A Taxing Woman!! I didn't know there were others out there who had seen it! Don Juan Di Marco is also very funny. I haven't seen Breaking Away since I saw it in a second run theater in Portland Oregon! Thanks for the memories!
I loved 12 Monkeys. The Fisherking not so much - but that has to do

with my personal quirks I guess!
There is a great documentary out there somewhere about Gilliam's attempts to film The Man From La Mancha. The documentary is called "Lost in LaMancha". I think he is a genius and I teach his films. Brazil is also a real interesting one.
HI, Animak, I don't show La Jetee, although it is certainly an interesting film. I only get to show 13 films in that class and I have far too many I want to show. This course focuses on post 1980 films.
I'll be interested to hear what you think. (You may want to watch it more than once).
To Sir, With Love is a really inspirational movie, regardless of your calling in life. Fairly short, awesome theme song that you'll be humming all day. I probably could think of many more recent films that pick me up (The Natural, for one), but this one falls into the classic category nicley.
SOR, I find that one inspirational too! I'm a sucker for teacher movies!
You should. It doesn't lose its flavor. I know. Heh ...
there are many movies that make me feel good and laugh.but one of my favs is an oldie but a goodie.'the ghost and mr. chicken' and i thought it was scarey when i was a kid.ilmao
Attaboy, Luther!




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