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You, yours, somebody else's...Let's celebrate fathers.

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I so loved my father and miss him so much. He had so much success in his life and refused to compromise his integrity to do the bosses bad ideas.....Love you Dad.


Kisses and hugs, Still. We will always be our parent's children, won't we? And we never stop missing them...

My own dad was a beautiful dream. He was always at sea. My mother would speak of him as though he were a wonderful event to wait for, a special gift to unwrap next Christmas, a demi-God...Over the years, of course, I realized he was a flawed human like the rest of us, if magnificent in his own way. Tall, handsome, brilliant, talented, good, just, a great leader; but, not a "present" father, through no fault of his own.


Thirty years after his death, I'm still waiting for him. I love you, Daddy.


My Beloved, on the other hand, is the most present father I have ever known. His two daughters hang the sun and moon for him, and he shows them so every day. He is kind, inclusive, accepting, gentle yet firm when needs be, he listens, weighs his words, supports them, laughs with them, plays like a kid himself, encourages them, reassures them, guides them...And LOVES them unconditionally. He has laid the groundwork for his daughters to have a happy life and a successful union with whomever they love. Growing up with such love, support, and acceptance, they will naturally seek love, support, and acceptance.


I love you, Draughn, and will love you forever.






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