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What will be the last post on Boomerville? The famous last post on the original TBD was posted by a friend on mine before the original site went down. She was handed the keys to this site for us to land. She worked hard to keep us going in memorial to what TBD stood for. This site was never the site Original TBD was, it never will be, we have all changed. Most of us have migrated to fb or started other sites. I was later handed the keys. This site in now a collection of mostly former TBDers and Eons.


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I think so too Syble. Bommerville has moved here and will blossom into our new home as we move forward.

Thank you for that Aggie. 

I suggested it because this last post always stirs up old members on fb. Every site should have a good last post for the memories.

I moved to Virginia from Indiana in '06...leaving all my family behind. My son was still active duty, so I spent a lot of time alone and lonely. I found Eons and joined. It took some time to fit in, but I made some good friends there. My late-night game-playing helped with the long nights. I was crushed when it ended. When an old Eons pal invited me, I joined TeeBeeDee. At that time, I didn't think it was a good fit. When Boomerville started, I was so pleased to find a community I felt at home in...but all good things come to an end. Thank you ever so much, Aggie, for the warm welcome and for giving us a new place to hang our hats and kick off our shoes. We never get too old to change. We hope we help keep this site going.

Thanks Syble. Thanks Aggie for letting us all over here.

I don't know but I was hoping the finale would be a party.

Sorry Diva Very few people come to the site anymore and it feels too much like a funeral to party for me. If you wish to throw one, I'm sure a few will show up. 

I agree.




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