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What is it about you that makes you worth falling in love with? What would make someone take a second glance, ask you out, flirt with you, and ultimately fall in love with you?


(p.s. Pru, hats don't count.)

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My flawless sense of deja vu.
Wouldn't that depend on what the other person looks for in a person?
I know [or think I do :-)] what my good qualities are, but maybe they aren't attractive to everyone...
You're right Quinn. I've had qualities pointed out to me the last few months I wasn't even aware of.
Very fortunate am I....
so Bob, what are these newly discovered qualities. TBD minds want to know?
Most importantly, patience.
My shoes, I have six pair, Red Wing Logger boots for heavy work, firemen boots for wet work, black dress shoes for my suit, brush suede for casual affairs, light weight hiking shoes for recreation and exercise, and flip flops for when I can't make up my mind.... This tells my potential love bunnies that I am sensible, stylish, hard working, in good shape, and fun ..... I'm thinking about getting some candy cherry pumps, to let them know I have the kink thing going on too .....
What happens when a pair wears out? Do you buy the exact same kind to replace them? Sounds like you have a system worked out. Except for the pumps.
Hey Prunella, maybe you should hook up with Jack. Him in his candy cherry pumps and you in your fancy hats would make a fine couple, don't you think?
Michael, I'm afraid my bride would keep my kinky boots hidden and locked up .....
Worth falling in love with? Never. I'm rather boring and a bit dim-witted. And you?
Yeah, I am. In fact, that's what started this whole thread. Not only that but I'm almost old, kind'a ugly, read and write more than I talk, slow on the up-take, and often a procrastinator. GAWD, I'm a mess!




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