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Hey you guys, how's everybody doing and who is looking forward to Fall?

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Fall won't be here for at least another month but at least it's cooling down some at night. If we get normal rainfall for a change this year, that'll help with the fires, I'm hoping.

It is Fall here in NW MT...had to cover the tomatoes and squash Thursday night to make it through 31 degrees unscathed, but they survived and continue to produce. Lots of apples already picked and more to go on the Honeycrisp tree, so need to get started on getting them cooked up to make apple butter later...just took an apple crisp out of the oven. Leaves are turning and some are starting to fall, so have that to look forward to. We are actually getting a little rain from yesterday, through today and into tomorrow...about 1/4" so far. It's Fall for sure.

So far we have had lovely fall weather. That will change before we know it that yucky white stuff will appear. 

I love everything about Fall!!

Our acorn season is finally over and now the leaves are falling. The oak trees are the biggest pain. They start falling before they change color and keep falling until well after the snow starts. However we have not come close to a threat of frost yet.

Have had several hard frosts (19 or 20 degrees), so gave up on picking any more apples, but have cut the peonies down to the ground and will start raking some leaves this weekend. The box elders have dropped most of their leaves, and the cottonwoods are turning color and dropping some. The past 2 years, I've pretty much left the leaves stay where they are in the yard and just mow over them the first time I mow in the spring...easier on the back. As a prelude of things to come, there is a dusting of snow on the local mountain tops, but nothing here in the valley yet. The car is serviced, a new battery went in the truck, so good to go.

I like the fall mostly because of the beautiful colors. But not getting out often, don't get to see that much. This is an internet photo. Only thing about fall is that it leads into winter and I'm not looking forward to that.

I used to like winter, but now, not so much. I am starting to understand going south, only now I don’t like to travel either.

Fall is in the rear view mirror here...snow on the ground now, and I've used my Snow Joe snowblower once already...it worked well on my parking pad, saving my back.

Snow rare this year, still never enough to cover grass. Temps just now getting into 20's, nothing lower yet.




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