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Whats the worst thing you have ever eaten?

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Robbie.....goes great with beer :)
The eggs? ewwwwwwwwwww

[What's a cracklin'?]
Cracklins were a major treat when I was a kid. Thought they were great but I'm not sure they even sell them anymore.
Oddly enough, Dazz, I love hard boiled eggs, with mayonnaise even, but I can't eat them as egg salad in a sandwich. It brings right back up the school lunchroom smell.

How can I remember that and not what I ate for lunch Thursday? Smells are powerful.
I'm not a great fan of green, leafy vegetables or fresh fruits.

It might be a "guy thing".
I think you are right.

But why did Popeye like spinach so much?
The underlying reason??? Lust for Olive.
Lychee fruit. Like overly ripe pears swimming in formaldehyde.
Gross. I would have made my Sherpa drink it.
I'm not quite that polite! ;)
Tongue, liver, raw oysters (yeah I know that every else loves them), octopus (tastes like it looks) and caviar. Gawd, I don't understand why people pay $100.00 an oz for stuff that I would pay NOT to have to eat. Caviar was a HUGE dissapointment.
Oh, you're right, all that stuff is on my icky list. Liver, kidneys, ewwww. My friends are happy that I don't like oysters, more for them. I get shrimp.




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