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Did anything ever happen to you at work when you thought: Sheesh, that was unethical. That person should have known better?

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In 1996 a client staying at the local homeless shelter finally committed suicide after several attempts, the first of which was a car accident on the interstate. It should have been clear to the industry of mental health that whether the individual in question was serious or simply seeking attention, his underlying medical condition did render him a danger to self.

It was quite clear to me.

Too bad they refused to listen.
The same organization, a year or two ago, fired one of their employees for speaking to the Vermont State legislature regarding the difficulties involved in treating sex offenders.

If this organization cannot be honest with the public regarding these difficulties, then it seems likely they are not honest with their own clients in this same regard, and perhaps are not honest with themselves.

If they cannot be honest about these difficulties, then how can they possibly hope to arrive at treatment that is effective?

And what else are they lying about?

I think the executive director should be fired.
I had about thirty girls working for me on a project.
I said one morning:
"All you old ladies get to work and all the young girls to come sit on my lap".
They just giggled.
I could of got into trouble for that.

I'm frequently getting into trouble for being racist.

I'm 54 and am in the habit of observing the younger generations.  When I see a bunch of twenty or thirty something females hanging around I'm likely to make a comment like "Those girls skirts are too tight"  or I will see a bunch of guys and say "Those boys are up to no good". 

People that age all seem like such children to me.  My problem comes when I make a comment like that and the people involved are black males.  I will (without thinking) say things like, "Will you boys give me a hand?"

I know that is derogatory, but I never think of that before I say it.

That's not unethical, however.  It's poor word choice.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, a poor choice of words can get you in almost as much trouble.

I'm inconsistent when it comes to recycling.  Does that count?




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