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The face-off between the ruling elite and 'we the people' continues to unfold, as Democrat politicians hold townhall meetings across the country to build support for the Obama administration's latest power grab, misleadingly labeled 'health care reform.'

The faux outrage politicians manufacture on demand has been replaced by real outrage. Outrage at the American people for failing to understand the nuances, the broad outline of a 1,000 page plus bill that most politicians haven't even read. Hey, that's what staff is for, explained new Democrat, Arlen Spector.

Peons from fly-over country are daring to challenge the carefully scripted and (deliberately?) misleading talking points. Talking points which, by the way, have been endorsed by the media. Don't these guys read the New York Times?

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are using the standard liberal tactic of diverting attention from the issue by demonizing the dissenter, in this case, the American people. According to Pelosi and Reid, voicing objections to the federal government's take over of 17% of the formerly free market economy is 'un-American.' Harry Reid has gone a step further, tarring dissenters as 'evil mongers.'

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs has blithely dismissed the burgeoning dissent by informing one and all that these 'townhalls are not representative of America.' Obama, meanwhile, is trying to divert the issue by blaming the 'headline hungry television networks', accusing them of 'inflaming an ugly backlash.'

Unused to any opposition that can't be spun to their advantage, or ignored, Democrats are desperately trying to convince Americans that the tidal wave of opposition is not genuine. Used to viewing every issue in political terms, our elected officials are actually convinced that the disruptive townhalls are merely the product of an evil conservative cabal. After all, every person these lawmakers know agree with them on this issue. Its called the 'inside the beltway syndrome.'

Despite a new $12 million ad campaign designed to soothe Americans into relying on misplaced compassion instead of common sense, pesky Joe Six-Pack and Susy Homemaker still don't get it. And adding insult to injury, American citizens are starting to question where all the money is coming from to run these ads. And by the way, who's signing the paychecks for the new army of health care advocates who are being paid $12 to $13 an hour for their support? Inquiring minds want to know.

Answers to these questions are not forthcoming. Like the classic case of a wife catching her husband in bed with another woman, the question has become, "Who are you going to believe? Me, or the evidence of your own eyes?"

Obama, in his latest finger-pointing lecture to the great unwashed, assured the masses that the proposed 'public option' won't put private insurers out of business. When confronted with his own words to the contrary in 2007, he dismissed the discrepancy as a 'mis-statement'. Oops. Time to move on. Time to focus on the real villains.

Identifying a common enemy is another tried and true tactic liberals employ when it gets too hot in the kitchen. But the historically favorite villain, those dastardly drug companies, have already made their deal with the government health plan. And blaming the insurance companies won't work either, since they're on board, too. The only villain left is the American people.

Not all Americans, Obama and the media assure us. No, the real villain can be traced to the 'hate groups' that have suddenly, and conveniently emerged. As reported by ABC: "Experts say a sharp growth in so-called militia groups that helped spawn a wave of domestic terrorism in the 1990s – are now using YouTube, rock music and the Internet to recruit members and spread hate and fear - and shouldn't be ignored."

These hate groups, we are assured by the ultra liberal Southern Poverty Law Center, are protesting President Obama, not his health care plan. Not only that, they are putting his life in danger. Headlines inform us: 'Fear For Obama's Safety Grows As Hate Groups Thrive On Racial Backlash.'

This is a media twofer. Obama is the now the victim instead of the oppressor. And dissenters are racist rednecks.

The only problem is, Americans aren't buying it. They're suffering from the political equivalent of the 'battered woman syndrome.' Americans have been deceived and beaten up by the government so many times lately, that, even though they still love Obama, they're taking steps to distance themselves from what has become an increasingly dangerous relationship. Flowers, new cars, and soothing words are no longer effective. Even the race card isn't ringing their bells.

Liberals have finally succeeded in persuading Americans to look at the broad picture instead of inconvenient details. The kicker is, as more Americans see the broad picture, they see the unprecedented devolution of power to the federal government. They see the loss of America's traditional reliance on individuals instead of government. They see the loss of personal liberty and freedom of choice. And they don't like it.

This article was originally published in American Thinker on August 16, 2009.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina

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Just more right wing drivel.
What the party in power doesn't seem to uinderstand is this is what they were put in power to do. Now do it. You have the sixty votes, use them. You are giving the right power that they were not voted. Get a backbone, do what you were elected to do and let the chips fall where they may.
I really think you have things backward. It is the elite that lost some of there long held control in the last election and they can't come to grips with that. . The great unwashed as you call us are now in charge.

Now that you've dismissed the author as stupid, how about you address the issues raised in the article?
You're spending all your time profiling the author instead of addressing the points she made. Not a whole lot of intellectual rigor involved in maligning the messenger instead of the message.
Oh, Bushwah.

If Obama's entire reform movement gets scuttled by this bullshit "Death Panel" propaganda, then I eagerly await the looks on the faces of of all of those "Concerned Citizens" when their next insurance premium comes due with a hefty increase in the Please Pay This Amount column. After all, they didn't think that all of this "Grassroots" media blitz was going to be free, did they?

That, and when they suddenly find more and more of their much-needed coverage being canceled. They weren't expecting gratitude from the corporate scum that have cold-bloodedly manipulated them into an emotional state just a rung down the ladder from Mob Action, were they?
Come on jacquin, that's lame, surely you can do better than that.
Obama is the now the victim instead of the oppressor
This would be a page right out of Sarah "Death Panel" Palin's play book.
If this bill is so good, why are the government workers not part of the plan?
Put all of the uninsured people on Medicaid. This would keep them out of the emergency rooms. Then help the states out with the huge bill this would create.
Some of the hospitals are nearly broke from all the fees that go uncollected.
What a mess.
I just wish the government would quit reminding me of my peasant class.
They pass laws that are just for me and not them.
I don’t smoke, but I love smokers. I wonder how many smoking rooms our big shots have in DC?
"Don’t do as I do, do as I say"………………………….. either party.
Peace and love baby! It's the 40th anniversary of Woodstock! Can't we have a moratorium on Neo-fascism propaganda? Or maybe put it on MySpace where you'll find younger, more gullible people to swallow it.
I wonder if you realized when you wrote this that it would last forever, with your name attached to it.




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