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First Haiti at 7.0, then Japan at 7.0 and now Chile 8.9. All within  a few weeks. Whats going on?

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Maybe the Mayans were a few years off. Afterall they were an ancient civilization. Maybe the world is ending in 2010, rather that 2011 or 2013. In that case, better fill those credit cards up!
My brother said something a while back, that if a portion of some cliffs in africa (I'll ask him) fell off, a tsunami could be generated that would wipe out the entire eastern seaboard of the US. But my bro is kind of alarmist!
My brother said that the incident that would precipitate the tidal wave is in the canary Islands. La Palma Island. But if this is true, doesnt it make you wonder why some terrorist hasnt set it off yet?

Oh, to be in the canary Islands!
La Palma is more stable than previously thought back in 2000. A 2006 study reported here has the details.

Short version: the necessary conditions for a volcanic flank collapse won't be present there for at least 10,000 years. Even then, the separated flank likely won't just break off with a huge splash into the Atlantic; it will slide slowly seaward if the math is right. Who knows?

I don't really care as long as my cable TV keeps working.
You want your tv to run, dont subscribe to comcast!. I'll run that by my brother. He's very 'nervous' over these types of events.
I hate earthquakes, beer is no good in an earthquake. Better get Vodka. I can’t imagine an 8.8, those poor people.
We had a 6 and the walls hit me walking down the hall.
We also have a volcano, Are there any nominations for a sacrifice in the way of throwing them in to keep the Volcano Gods happy?. I thought of one, those people that call you at dinner time.
I prefer beer, but if everyone insists on vodka I'll bring the bloody Mary mix. Does Northern Ohio have earthquakes? I understand that there is a comune somewhere up there, it's where the Kremis house used to be, that we can join. Bet they have things better than vodka. Canadian Club maybe.
Well I might suggest offering the volcano a small bottle of high quality vodka , just don't overdo it in case it fails
This is an excellent suggestion, though one might go a step further and consider a nice cognac. Armangac would make it too excited. Eau de vie (Water of life) if a brandy that is distilled in France (kind of like grappa in Italy, but I am partial to France). Beings it's got the word water in it, it might be just the thing a volcano would want.

I suppose we could take a bottle each, pour a little down and see whose idea works better. Maybe we can publish our results in Volcano Monthly and make a fortune and move to the Canary Islands and live happily ever after. Are therer any volcanos on the canary islands?
Let's offer David Hasselhoff and Jerry Lewis. This kills four birds with one stone:
1) The volcano is appeased
2) Hasselhoff leaves the building
3) Ditto for Lewis
4) The Dollar becomes stronger against the Euro as Germany and France descend into grieving madness.




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