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Please take a moment to pray for these dumb kids, who have no where to turn to but their even dumber friends. Ask god to show them the way to responsible adults who can help them without hurting them.  Ask god to give them the gift of trust. Your Friend, jackie

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Really there should, but its confidential. Still, Quinn, look around your community. LLook esp. at you teenagers. Some of them just dont have a clue.
I'll take the ones whose first names begin with the letter 'R'. (I have a particular one in mind--nobody on this site.)

All y'all can divide up the rest of the alphabet.
You sound like you can use a drink!
Jackie, I think maybe we should send a prayer to this kid. 2 years old, and smoking 2 packs a day!!

Actually, prayer isnt really my thing...I'm more the 'action' type.
Allot ok kids think education is a pain in the a$$.
It keeps them from having fun.
Boy are they going to pay for that in the future.
They think it's great to be the dumbest kid on the block.
Prayer won't help, a swift kick will.




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