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Let's see how well we all do.  I only got 76%

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53% I failed!

71%, but I would argue some of their answers based on my experience.

12 out of 17! Not too bad for me I guess!

Rarely do I remember my dreams, but when I do, they are very entertaining!

11 out of 17. Not bad as I guessed at some of them.

I scored a 76, too, Helen. I probably could have done better, but I misunderstood the intent of the first question; I thought they wanted me to go by my personal dreaming habits. I am convinced I dream more than they say the average is.

I stunk it up

Your Score:  24%              You correctly answered 4 out of 17 questions.

Sounds like u need some tutoring, Tim. ;-)

Hi Karin

maybe I need something to dream about.

I think you need someONE to dream about! :-)

Karin, I find that I very rarely remember dreaming.  I assumed for a long time I just didn't dream because of the medications I take, but every doctor says everyone dreams.  

I agree with Karin, I'm convinced I dream a lot more than this study claims. I honestly think if I sleep 8 hours, at least 6 are dreaming time, likely even more.

Oh, I dream, Helen! Some of them are good enough to write a short story or tv script from. Especially in the last couple of hours before I get up. Sometimes I dream about people I know; sometimes I can't recognize one face. Some are so cool, I get upset when I wake up.




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