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The other day, after I pointed out my husbands...dwindling IQ, he asked me if it bothers me that I am insane.(Maybe he's smarter than he looks, I thought.) No, I answered. But then again, I avoid situations where insanity is not socially acceptable. After all, I'm an artist; I'm supposed to be insane. At least I'm relatively harmless, if not exactly 'employable'.

So folks: Do your idiosyncrocies bother you, or do you nurture them? Do you find them limitting, or are you a lemons into lemonaide sort of guy? Where do you draw your limits?

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I like your insanity.
Isnt that the sad truth?
JR this is just for your hubby-poo. This will keep him out of your hair for awhile. I couldn't find the episode about the difference between ninjas and crazy people. My kids showed it to me so I know that it truly exists.

It's subjective, like I have been telling ya.
I'm not crazy.
Everybody else is.





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