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I have to go to court again. Don't worry, I won't bore you with the gory details. It's just a child support adjustment - one that I am not choosing. I cried a little bit when I was talking to my attorney about what happened the last two times I was in court. I've always made choices that are for the best for the people around me, because I still believe, despite any injustices that have occurred in the past, that ultimately love wins.

I've been told by friends that I should get mean this time. Go for the jugular. Get him for as much as I can. I can't do that, because I don't believe in it, and I don't really know how. What do you think? Is doing what you believe is right for everyone the best option? Does love really win in the long run?

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* I love you guys...so wise...so calming....*
Dear K, I have no answers...every time I think I got it figured out there's is some weird curve out of left field that just misses me or smacks me right up side the head....Sometimes I think the 'magic 8 ball' is the only way to go... Go with what you know...you.




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