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Does anyone want to help me celebrate an unretirement?

Does anyone want to help me celebrate an unretirement?

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The idle brain is the devil's lunchbox.

I guess I'm the only one who ate tonight.  I had greasy nachos.

You helped Aggie celebrate his unretirement by eating greasy nachos??

LOL.  This reminds me of the story of the suburban drunk who wandered home to the wrong house.

Not that I'm accusing anyone of being drunk, but all these threads sometimes do look alike.

Am I drunk?  Again?

Maybe it was all the beer (one) I had with the greasy nachos.

Try prune kolaches with a beer next time.

I'm not keen on prune anything, but if that's the way you celebrate I won't stop you from having one.

maybe a cheese kolache??

or a Poppyseed Kolache!

All this talk of kolaches is sucking me into considering baking some.

"CONSIDERING".  I've got all the dishes washed now and I'm reluctant to start all over again today.

Would you like a prune kolache recipe?

Yes I would!




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