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I just got an IPOD shuffle for my birthday and I am like a little kid! I'm so excited I want to make a playllist but don't know names of songs.
Does anyone know about a website where you can go to get song titles or if you know the song title the artist?

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Is this just a way of telling me I missed your birthday?
Happy Birthday, late I guess.
If you go to Pandora Radio(this is free BTW) and put in a couple of artist or songs you do know ,they will create a "station" for you that will have similar music. You can't rip from there, but it will help with the titles and info.
Happy Birthday Too!!
Thanks guys! My birthday was in Nov. but my daughter ordered it for me and it just came in. We can still celebrate on Wed. though! Lookin forward to it!
Hey Pandora is aweome! Thanks for the suggestion!
Try All Music Guide. Over 70,000 artists catalogued, most with samples of their work. Type in a song title, and it'll show you every known version of that song. Type in an artist, and it'll take you to a bio and a full discography.

I'll second Snagg's suggestion. You should look it over. A great resource.
*smacks head* That would work, too. You don't have to buy it there but you can.




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