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Do you play a musical instrument? (I took piano, violin, and flute lessons when I was kid but didn't stick to it, kinda wish I had now, I really admire musical talent.)

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I used to play rhythm guitar and took a few piano & organ lessons but never really learned to play. Does a tambourine count? 

Sure does; I like tambourines! :-)

when I was a kid I took piano lessens and I played French horn in band but after that didn't stick with it

I took piano lessons for 7 years...Mother thought I had talent, but she was so wrong. I used to play the organ some, and had a keyboard for a while until it died. I wonder If I can still read music?

My mother made me take accordion lessons when I was in school. It was a pain to carry the accordion on the bus but I learned to play it and it made me able to play keyboard later. I did play my stepson's keyboard when he decided he preferred to stick with drums. I just ordered a new keyboard and should get it later this month.

When I was a child I took piano lessons for about 7 years. As a teenager I started to play guitar and I played for many years. In the late 60's into the 70's I played in many rock bands and was the front man. I've played professionally in the 70's,mostly as the front man. As a guitarist I was just mediocre. I don't play now but I have intentions on teaching myself again. 

I played classical piano and organ for ten years as a child. Quit in college, heart was never in it. I could read music then but discovered it unfamiliar now.

I played trumpet in high school and for a couple years after. My brother has one and in 2007 we both tried and neither of us could get a sound out of it all

Piano lessons for two years starting at 10, the organ lessons as an adult. I have a digital piano now with several instrument sounds so it seems like I'm playing those other instruments too...just have to remember not to use piano technique when playing the other instrument voices. I sent you the link to my website and music.




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