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My taste buds are not real sensitive.

I have friends down in the New Orleans area that could drink a bottle of Tabasco without flinching, something I would never try, but I'm told that I like things moderately spicy.  I'm no piker, but I'm no Texan either.

According to my taste buds there are three kinds of coffee: strong, weak and bitter.  I don't know (or care) which mountain the beans were grown on or whether it was made in a machine in a fancy restaurant or in a tuna can over a campfire.  Coffee is coffee.

There are two kinds of wine: Pasta wine and sitting around wasting the afternoon wine.

There is one kind of beer: Pizza beer, this encompasses all the shades and brands.

There are two kinds of cigarettes: menthol and normal.

I can't tell if a meal is the product of hours of labor or if someone peeled the plastic back to vent.

Does this mean I'm easy to please?

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I ate caviar at a party once.  It was served on buttered toast and was so good that I understood why people rave so much about it.

Since then, I've had caviar on crackers at parties, I've bought it from the exotic foods market, I've ordered it on the internet and have hated the stupid salty stuff every time!

Maybe I just like buttered toast.

Not a fan of caviar.

Don't like sushi or sashimi either.

Or grits...

Don't like caviar, tastle like salty fish eggs.  I like my sushi fried.


My tastes are varied. I like good wine but generally drink beer. I prefer dark porter  or ale but will drink whatever is available. I love a good steak but don't eat them much because my doc says I shouldn't. I like most vegetables and can eat a salad anytime with no dressing.

Probably my favorite food is a good bowl of soup. Soup is either vegetable or chicken noodle all those other things they sell as soup are something else, not bad just not soup. I make a mean pot of both kinds. Is chili a soup? If it is or not I still like it.

I like my coffee dark and rich but like Slim I don't care where it comes from or where I get it. 

A nice crisp salad would taste so good right now.  I like steak about once a year and love it very rare.  It tends to disturb others to watch me eat it.  Soup is great, especially in this kind of weather, unless it's that silly vegetable or chicken noodle water that claims to call itself soup.

I like dry wines. I like wines that dont make my lips pucker, beyond that I don't know much. I just know what I like.
I dont drink that much beer anymore. I never cared for most imported beers...too bitter for my taste.
I know more about bourbon and gin.
As far as food, I don't think the amount of time it takes to prepare a meal always matters, I think great ingredients make all the difference.
Coffee is the most important thing ever discovered :) I can definitely tell the difference between coffees.

Quinn, I am with you about the coffee. But, not about the beer. After spending a few year in Germany I love heavy dark beer and beer with lots of hops. As far as food goes. Most of my favorite foods take 6 minutes or less to prepare.

Now TeeBub's Lasangua is a whole nother story. Between him and Deez we had food fit for a Queen yesterday. Some of us Kings snuck in and got the leftovers.

I'm like a garbage disposal.  I am very suspicious, though, of small amounts of food artfully presented on a huge plate. 

Garbage disposal!!!! I'm still chuckling:)

That can be me too.

I like German beer and food. When I was over there on a 5 month junket of Europe by Eurail, I spent a month in Germany and every eating experience was accompanied by the house beer(s:). They know beer!

Yes they do. I also love the food. However it is so heavy that after a week of living on the economy and eating in Gasthouses, I would feel so stuffed that I would think that I would never eat again. It would only take about a week to get over that feeling though. 

Do I have good taste??? Well, I believe I have excellent tastes in friends, and that was royally confirmed this weekend. 

My friends tastes??? Hmmmm... Not so sure about their taste. I think they are highly suspect because they consider me a friend.




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