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Do you decorate? I never used to (Christmas was my thing) but my daughter left some stuff here a couple of years ago, and I've added a lot of lights, and some more decorations. 

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Nice to see you Stir.  I hope all is well.  Did you have a scary movie to go with your tea and popcorn?  If it was really 'movie' style it would have a quart of artificially yellow colored 10W-30 poured over it.

And its nice to be seen, EddieDingo!  I hope things are going well for you too.

No scary movie to watch....I walked next door for exercise, after wolfing down yet another supper/dinner at the Big Boy.

I do love that butter-like substance they put on the movie popcorn.  The greasy popcorn, the huge Co-Cola, a chick flick......yup, it means a guy has got roped into another first or second date!   Hey, that's just how the game is played!  LOL!


That's how the game is played?  I don't think I've been playing it right.  Is  a Dolph Lundgren film on Instant Watch considered a chick flick?  And you forgot the part about the Pork rinds (Second date should include Beer Nuts).  I think I need to up my standards.

Have you considered taking assertiveness classes, EddieDingo?

Careful Stir, Don't get the Dingo all fired up. Corn might pop on it's own. Pork rinds could fry right off the pig. And I don't wanna think of what could happen to those beer nuts.

You're talking crazy.  Guys get beer bellies, they don't get beer nuts.

Good one Slim. I literally laughed out loud!!!!!

How do you know Slim?

I have never met Slim, yet.

Hello Aggie, how do you do?

Howdy Slim, alot rides on the first meeting in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at 2:30 pm on Saturday.

Your basement must be amazing.




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