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How's your public library doing?  Do you even know?  Do you have a library card?  What sorts of programs do they offer?

If you don't use the library, why not?  Are Kindles (et al) replacing our local book lenders as well as bookstores?  Should we even try to maintain large book collections for the public?  Should the library system be revamped somehow?

I love the idea of libraries, but I don't use mine that often.  I recently went to pick-up some forms, but it has been a while since I brought a book home.

My library has lectures and speakers sometimes.  I always think I'm going to go, but haven't yet.  They are going to have a Folk Singing night in a couple of weeks...maybe I'll go to that.

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Did you send your ten dollars to the church of the sacred bleeding heart of Jesus?

I can see that you have your priorities straight.

I always thought that I would spend my "Golden" years rotating between the library and sky diving.

Then along came the computer. Now i rarely go to the library and have never sky dived.


Slim, I only send in the money when I'm down on my luck....and life ain't worth a darn.

Like when you're shattered?

Yes, or when having my nineteenth nervous breakdown.

I can get you a little yellow pill, but then, you're not really ill are you?

Only when blue turns to grey.

When that happens you might as well paint it black.

Yep, tell me about it, no sense to brown sugar coat it, its probably time to break out the dead flowers, and sway.




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