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I'm sure MSNBC will run it many more times. It's quite chilling, record it if you missed it.


My conclusion: With over 300 million people in the U.S., there's going to be a few dangerous lunatics.

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I thought sociopath myself Bee. Years ago Kittycat and I went for training to man suicide help lines. We learned from the psychologist who taught the class that a true sociopath can't cry over someone elses pain. A true sociopath is the serial killer who kills for his own pleasure, like Ted Bundy. 2 things that happened with McVeigh to dispell my ideas of him being a sociopath: He cried about the invasion of David Coresh's compound at Waco. And, he killed, for what he thought, was for the better good.
There are some things Larry that I'm really glad I can't fathom. Timothy McVeigh's reasons for murdering so many innocent people is right up there in the top ten.




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