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So I get an email saying "Thank you for joining Deals2Buy.com email alerts".  Neither Hubby or I remember signing up for this but I thought well, we might've inadvertently done so; so I click on the "Unsubscribe" button in their email & this is what it said:


Unsub Results  xxxx@whalesharkmedia.com has been unsubscribed and will not receive any more mail from d2b.D2B_Main."

Well, okay; but that isn't my e-addy; never heard of this guy.  (I put x's instead of his name.)  Has my email been hacked or something by this guy?

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sometimes there are mass emailings like that...the idea being that when you click to 'unsubscribe', you just confirmed an email account for them to flood with crap.it's always something isn't it? best thing to do with some stuff is just class it as spam so the email program takes care of it for you....used to be you could block the sender but i don't know how you do that anymore since email has gotten more complex

I never click on a link in any email that I don't trust either; but I researched deals2buy & it was rated an okay site, not the Mother Teresa of the internet by any means but not crooks either (and I do realize that this email might well not have been--hell most probably wasn't!--from the real deals2buy; what can I say, I'll blame it on the cancer drugs, haha).  So, unfortunately, I broke my rule & clicked on the "unsubscribe" button, sigh.  But I've now forwarded it to that 1st email you suggested, Kooner; I already use the spam@uce.gov one but it's good to have the other one too; it's in my address book now, thanks.

I'm still curious tho, why that other guy's e-addy came up on the you-have-been-unsubscribed site.  I googled his e-addy and he popped up on Google Plus; gave his whole name, a young looking guy who lives in Austin, TX and used to work for whalesharkmedia.  Should I email him & ask if he knows what's going on?  But I'm still nervous that the guy has hacked into my email or even my computer; oh I hope not.  Anybody know of any ways I can check this, or is it time to call my tech, ya think?




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