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Fess Parker died today at the age of 85. Did you have a coonskin hat in the 50's? Mine I think was rabbit fur.



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It's my understanding that the real Davy Crockett was a very a rough mountain man, course in speech, not at all the image that was portrayed on TV. Not fit for family viewing, in other words.
Crockett was not really a mountain man but he was rough as were most people in that time and place. He was however blessed with a great sense of humor and the ability to talk. He was also known for his good common sense and keeping his word. His falling out with Jackson, over Indian removal, cost him possible higher office.
Estes Kefauver was a Senator from Tennessee when I was a small child. He became nationally famous for Senate hearing on organized crime. He did run for President in 1952 and was the Democratic candidate for Vice President in 1956. He narrowly beat out John F. Kennedy for that position. He did hand out coonskin caps in his firts campaign for the Senate in 1948
I remember him as both. When heard of his his death this afternoon, I burst, (loudly) into the theme song of Danial Boone ( which I know by heart) In front of 27 co-workers. They looked at me only slightly oddly......they are used to my insanity. I watched Danial, and Davy, religiously every Saturday. He was my hero. Strangely I feel no sadness, but feel oddly happy today.
Yes WOB happy is right. In our personal childhood memories of black and white TV and seeing all that drama as part of our young lives. He had a very successful and a great run, may we all do so well.
I still have mine too Larry. It sits on my desk, normally it is filled with pens, I took them out for the pic.

I had the bowl and the coonskin cap. I have no idea what happened to them. That the cup has survived for 50 years is a miracle.
I met Fess Parker many years ago. I remember his humanity, compassion, and patience. He has held a special place in my heart ever since. His death makes me feel it is too bad that some people have to die. We can only hope that another soul will step up to fill the void left in world of the living with his passing.
Wow. Nice.
Yes, I had the coonskin cap, and I remember most of the lyrics to the song. I think in my mind Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone were pretty much interchangeable. Until I saw this thread I didn't even realize that there were two different shows. As others have noted, I think I recalled him (vaguely) as Davy Crockett because of the song.
I just downloaded that song today.




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