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Do you like to "Dance" ?

What kind of dance can you do ?

Can you get you better half to dance ?

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Wish i had learned to dance in my young years , i sure missed out on a lot in life i can't get back...

My husband and I are still the first ones out on the dance floor. We'll try dancing to anything and everything. That's how I met him at a dance, his date had a broken ankle so he kept asking me to dance.

I've done everything from rock n roll jive.....to the twist.... to the stroll.....to slow dancing.....clogging.....you name it.  But my favorite nowadays is the Texas Two-Step.....and if I could find me a fella who liked to do it.....and a place where we could go near here.....I'd be in Hog Heaven. 

isn't Hog Heaven that honkytonk near Cut and Shoot, Texas?

I am a dancer.  My husband was a decent dancer as well, but he is losing the ability to do so.  He does, however, take me on the dance floor and fake it--he still pretty good at twirling me around, though, so I appreciate his effort. One thing I really like about my husband is he's game to try things, not food--meat and potatoes all the way, but activities.

I love to dance but other than a slow dance, my husband stays on the sidelines. I always wished we'd went to some dance classes but it just isn't his bag. I do remember once at a wedding he and my daughter's boy friend got hammered and both decided to join us on the dance floor during some fast dance song. I remembered then why I didn't encourage him to join me. To say he 'dances like a white boy' does our race injustice...

@Amerikinwmn.....I can so relate to that! My first husband was a great dancer (It was he who taught me the two-step). He was a bit bashful about dancing in public, but after a beer or two, he loosened up enough to have a good time. At home, we used to move the furniture and teach the kids to dance. My second husband didn't dance a step. So when he was on the river, I would go out with my girlfriends and dance a bit. My poor son-in-law dances as stiff as a board, and has absolutely no sense of rythym. I had the unfortunate task of trying to dance with him at his wedding reception. Thank God the dj had us change partners halfway thru the song; he must have taken pity on me. My daughter dances up a storm; funny how we who dance so often settle down with one who can't. She hates to go out for New Year's Eve with Les. She is literally wriggling on her chair, dying to dance, and he just sits there. And very seldom do you get asked to dance when you are obviously with your husband. My ex used to say, " If someone asks you to dance....it would be perfectly ok with me"......to which I would reply, "My dear.....you are 6'4" tall and weigh 300 pounds! The only guy who's gonna ask me to dance is a guy with a death wish!!"

It's true, Karin, most of my gal pals have husbands who can't dance either. Usually if it's a group like that, us girls just get up and dance. I can't remember ever having a boy friend who could dance either, come to think of it. 

i truly wish i could ballroom dance, i just have a hard time remembering the  steps and what to do when...have never had any desire to do the 'group' dances, like the hully gully(dating myself there!) or the hustle but i do love to 'shake my bootie' any time i hear music... back in the day, my friend and i would be crazy dancin' machines at the clubs, move around the whole dance floor, cutting in on couples, dancing by ourselves, get our happy feet going....

I LOVE to dance but could only get my ex husband to dance a handful of times. My first boyfriend after my divorce...we used to go to an oldies dance every Friday for a year and it was a total blast. After we broke up, A bunch of friends and I would go to an outdoor place where the DJ played Top 40 stuff. When I moved to Pennsylvania 3 years ago, I hooked up with a buncha friends every Saturday. I dont really like slow dancing all that much though. Since I have been single, I have danced a lot and my dates/boyfriends have always been the same height as me or a few inches taller. I discovered I do NOT like dating tall men AT ALL!! LOL!! One of the MOST fun nights of my life was about 2 summers ago, I was with a bunch of girlfriends at an outdoor venue and when a GREASE song came on, everyone was just grabbing partners and I started dancing with some random stranger. We felt like John Travolta and Olivia Newton John out there wowing the crowd....LOL!! We danced quite a few dances and we laughed SO HARD afterwards. It would have been fun to dance with him again but I believe that was the LAST time I went. I met my current boyfriend, MARK a few months later.....Mark and I spent all last summer turning on the radio on Sunday nights to the "DOO WOP OLDIES" and dancing on his POOL  deck. His neighbors, brothers, and friends got a kick out of us but very few of them joined in. NOW that we are INSIDE, we turn on the oldies STILL and dance in his kitchen while he is cooking...LOL!

I had got with several lady's once at a zodiac club . They wanted to dance . When a slow dance tune came up . I asked a 70 year old lady if she would like to dance . We got up and did farely well being the first time for me . I was around 30 years old at the time . She reminded me so much like my Grandma . Another lady accually drug my up to dance floor for a slow dance . I done ok but she had bad breath so bad i could hardly stand it . Now me being 6 foot tall . An amazon type woman came up to me and asked me to dance . Well i told her i would at next slow dance . I wasn't loose enough to for anything else . I looked over to the very tall woman . She had breast like foodballs sticking out . When we got to the dance floor . She wrapped her arms around me . Hear i was slow dancing with her boob's sticking out and my face right between them . She was holding me so tite i could barely breave . That was the only night i ever danced . Now i wish i had kept it up ...




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