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Recently read a really different book MY LOVELY WIFE.  If you enjoy stories about serial murders you’ll be startled at this story. Can’t remember the author but please Goggle it. 

Today picked up a right off the press book  THE WIVES  by Tarryn Fisher. The cover reads “How far would you go to find the truth about your husband. You’ll have whiplash until the very end.  THE WIVES will leave the most sure-footed reader uneasy until the last word is read.”

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I had forgotten about Walt Longmire ... read many of them a few years back.  I actually had thought the author died but I just checked him out on fantasticfiction.com and there are quite a few we haven't read... and he's still alive... so don't know who I was thinking about...

DH loves his westerns...  lol

Thanx for the update Slopok :)

As I know most or all of you remember, my local library burned to the ground in January 2019.  We are currently temporarily housed in a small but cozy building with tentative plans to rebuild a new library.  I say "we" because I became a part-time employee of my library today!  I retired recently; this week our librarian called to tell me they had a need for someone 1-2 days a week and wondered if I was interested.  Perfect retirement job - in town, not a lot of hours, surrounded by books!!  Today was my first day and (of course) I came home with 3 new books - Jack, by Marilynne Robinson (book that I had requested from another library that had come in), Leaving the World Behind, by Rumaan Alam (brand new book to our library that I had a hold on), and The Pull of the Stars, by Emma Donoghue (discovered while shelving books and rearranging shelves)!  

Am thrilled for you grammyk!!!!!!!  Perfect job during this pandemic!!!!

If your library has a recently released book by Lily King, WRITERS & LOVERS I highly recommend you enjoy it. Elin Hilderbrand said that the book stole her heart from its first pages. I found the ending so very perfect and unexpected!!!!  Enjoy!!!!!  

I will definitely look for it!  Thank you for the recommendation and your good wishes!!

Very lucky grammyk! That is a job I would't mind having , not only the books but the readers you meet.

A Boy in the Woods by Harlan Coben was a fun listen on audio.  I agree with Slopok!  

Okay, well I went ahead and deleted my post since I got carried away on the comedian Adam Carolla’s book.  Let’s just say I didn’t expect such fun ideas on how people behave.

The Evening and the Morning by Ken Follet is waiting for me at the Library! ALREADY?  Thought there was 60 holds on it last month?  

Our library is under construction and temporarily stashed at a former grade school.  They only have about 25 audiobooks on the shelves.  Just about everything has to be ordered in advance.  Limited selections of any kind so quick visits is standard procedure until after the holidays.

We are attempting to move everything from the Office. Donated lots of desks, chairs, lamps and more.  Final push is Thursday and close on the place Friday. My den/ladies lounge/home office and pet playground looks like a dump truck had a stop.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Glad you enjoyed the book . Sounds like some some inconvenience for a while with your library.

I'm reading The Splendid and the Vile  it's about Churchill in world war II. It's holding my interest.

I'm picking up Killing Crazyhorse by  Bill Oreilly and Martin Dugard at the library this morning.

The latest installment of the multimillion-selling Killing series is a gripping journey through the American West and the historic clashes between Native Americans and settlers.

I've read several of the 9 books in the Killing series and they have been well written, light and informative.

Highly recommend Jodi Picoult’s  the book of two ways!  Especially if you are in the older generation. This is a book that I won’t forget!  Have any of you read this???? 

Haven't read it Rapa, but I will have a look.


I recently read it and enjoyed it also!  Probably even more so because I had been to a mummy exhibit at the local Science Museum a few days prior to reading it.

grammyk, I especially liked learning about death doulas!  Was only familiar with hospice.  Of course the love stories were quite moving!

I agree, Rapa.  I've worked with many birth doulas; death doulas are at the other end of the circle of life.  Very inspiring!  




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