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If you are easily offended don't click on link , but you can't resist can you . No worst than Frenchy's post about John Homes !

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What will they think of next? I'm having trouble seeing anyone eat them, there would have to be drinks involved and lots of laughing.

On my 40th birthday , my youngest Aunt give me a party . My cake was designed to look like a set of breast . The nipples were made of a Cherry . Kinda embarrassed me because of my shyness . The party turned out well .

well probably just because i'm a real perv sometimes but i'd love to watch a bunch of women eat a shitload of cupcakes like that .. might just give me a sense of what they're really like .. and how adventerous they are .. maybe loosen em up with a drink or three first and let em go .. yeah i know .. bad frenchy .. go to your room .. 




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