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Sure it could be called a Rolling Stone song reference but now its' worse....gunfires, backfires, guns guns guns going off everywhere, someone is killing or trying to kill someone... doesn't matter if you think you're safe, what IS safe nowadays ? gosh, nothing is sacred or safe from gun violence be it personal, terrorist or just plain ol I'm a jerk and you're gonna die cause i'm an azzzz....so, here's the thing: how would you react and save yourself - if at all possible.. escape from gunfire...its' like when I lived on the West Coast, I could prepare for an earthquake...you see them training in schools now, hospitals, etc but what about individual citizens...it should give you pause and make you think: how do I keep me and mine safe in a Crossfire Hurricane ?

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And the ad he posted looks to be from an anti wolf site.  The wolves in my state are the same size as the "giant" wolves and they take each about 17 whitetail deer a year which might average about 150 lbs along with the other items in their diet. The ad picture posted claims 24 Elk per wolf. An Elk is on average 5 times bigger than a whitetail deer so the wolves there must really be hungry, but after all they are giants. I am a life long deer hunter and wolves manage the deer heard better than humans. They kill the slow, the old, the gentically disadvantaged and thus improve the genetics of the deer herd.  Also, having both timber land and agricultural land, I would be happy with reduced deer herds.  In Yellowstone the Wolves have helped keep Elk from overgrazing stream banks and have in that way helped stop erosion and insure better water quality and trout habitat. But the old Medieval mythological thinking we have inherited from our ancestors lives on.

The latest theory I heard from Republican leadership is that “welfare moms” over medicating their kids in order to commit Social Security fraud are responsible for the rash of gun violence.

Some republicans talk like they have paper a$$-holes.

Look at the last two elections.




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