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Do You Have any Creepy Crawlers around your home ?

How do you handle them ?

 photo 524810_589274587767926_2075102076_n_zps036d4898.jpg

No it is no painting. it's a new Spider call the Angolan Witch spider. they migrated from South America. they primarily eat dogs and cats
In Texas this abnormally large spider was found on the side of this home.

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I just post that pic for effect . Those 2 inch roaches that fly can be found in wood like Mulch and they get in your house . The buggers stink like heck when ya mash them . We had them where i used to work . Furniture plant where we built frames .  The common roach don't fly . Been a long time since i have seen a roach . I got bit by a spider one time that swelled my arm so bad i thought it was gonna split open . Benadryl took care of it .

If there really were spiders that big, I wouldn't be able to leave my house. I'm arachnophobic BIG TIME. When I was baby sitting a friend's little girl many years ago, I was "on the commode" I realized there was a tiny spider in corner by the tp. I made the little girl (she was about 4 yrs old) kill it because I was so freaked I couldn't move. I swore her to secrecy, LOL!

When i hurt my leg , i was bedridden except to go to bathroom . One morning i was gonna get up . I grabbed my crutches and was about to put my feet on the floor . I happened to look down . There was a Copperhead snake below my feet about 15 inches long . My crutches became a weapon . Guess it had crawled thru the door when it was open . ??

By the way i have a 5 or 6 foot black snake that lives in my Basement .




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