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Do you know the difference?? Share your favorites with us....

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I saw this lineup of the family in 1969, on a Johnny Cash Revue.  Also on the bill....Carl Perkins, The Statler Brothers, Tommy Cash, The Tennessee Three, and of course, Johnny, and June in a solo capacity, and dueting with Johnny.

"Honey, I'm gonna snowball Jackson"....

Great bunch of singers there....

Pure Country from a genuine legend...



Thumbs up!

This version is a little different from the one I remember from radio play......a little more honky tonkish, in the Merle style.  Very Nice. 



This was not really my favorite version either, but all the others had the "embedding" disabled.
This version is a keeper!  This is the fourth time I've listened to it today!  Thanks a lot, Bob!  You're keeping me from washing the dishes, or vacuuming, or mowing the grass, by posting this...now "The Committee" has cited me, and I'll probably have to sell my house at a loss, and live in my car....all because you posted this!  LMAO!

Glad I turned your life around.

I have a way of doing that to people.

Nobody....nobody can sing this song  as well as Dolly.....


Thumbs up!  Yup, Dolly's version is THE BEST!

She takes top honors in a couple of other catagories too.




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