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Do you know the difference?? Share your favorites with us....

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I'll start with this classic......

That's a great one. Roy was still with them, along with Pat Brady, (Whoa Nellybelle!)  Ken Curtis, who later was Festus Hagan on Gunsmoke and Tommy Doss singing the lead. Not sure where Bob Nolan is, he sang the original version. It don't get no better.
Wait just a cotton pickin minute! I kept thinking that something wasn't right about that. I know what it is now. The pic doesn't match the song, it is older than that version of the song. Bob Nolan is in the pic but he had already left when this version was recorded. Tommy Doss had replaced him as lead singer. Had my little pea brain messed up for a few minutes.

The great Tommy Duncan.

Good one, Sir......
Thumbs up!  Whoa!  There was the great Joe Maphis in that clip too!
My Dad loved this one!  I like it too.

What the heck. I'm puttin Cindy Cashdollar in the mix. I have been seriously in love with this woman for years. This is the real deal, not like what I had with those ex wives.Cindy is the best steel guitar player in the world.

Yup.....she's good!!!,




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