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Do you know the difference?? Share your favorites with us....

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Like the guy below said, this is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

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'Miss Molly" made me think of Cindy Walker who wrote it, and hundreds of others. She co-wrote "Sugar Moon" among others, with Bob Wills...I'll see if I can find that.

"It has been estimated that more than 500 of Walker’s songs have been recorded   and that her songs made the top-forty charts (country or pop) more than 400 times" wiki

She is in the Country Music Hall Of Fame, yet few even know who she is.



I've always been fond of yodeling. The DeZurik Sisters were pretty big back in the day. Country,Western, or something else?

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Hard to beat 'Riders In The Sky"

Well...we surely can't do this without Patsy singing her signature song.  If my memory serves me,this was the first million seller by a female singer.


Thank you, man..................that's another one I had forgotten about.

Last one...

You put up some good stuff WOB.......don't be a stranger....
Everyone to their own kick......at least you can understand the lyrics of these songs.

I never knew it was called "Western music", I always call it "old" country :-)

I'm not a fan of country music so much [especially today's pop tarts in cowboy boots], but I do enjoy Western music.






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