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We haven't had a good confessional on here for a while. I'll start. I sometimes lie to strangers in a bar about where I'm from or what I do. I even use a fake name sometimes. Especially if they are a little creepy and coming on strong. Your turn.

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I confess that I never go to the SEX threads. I already had sex once.
Don't count on me being there.
Pru can you sew?
I once sewed the feed sacks at a feed store while in college.
The cows never complained about what I put in the feed sacks. I always added extra molasses.
Custom mixed sweet feed!
Kate where are the bars that you frequent? I might want to show up sometime when I have better knees.
I sometimes ignore people I see out because I just don't want to talk to them right then.
Pickle, when you get better knees, you can tell me which bar to meet you at.
I was in a bar recently hitting on an attractive woman. I know she lied to me about where she was from, or what she did. I'm sure she used a fake name. I could tell she thought I was creepy or coming on to strong.
That was you? ;-)
lmao, it was.




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