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What a great day! In a show of bipatisanship and because of a strong desire to solve the countries problems, President Obama today called the major political leaders from both parties to the white house. He said that he will keep them all together in the Oval Office until they  hammer out some solutions to sequestration, continuing high unemployment, the ever increasing debt and deficit, and insist that Harry Reid bring bills up for a vote.  "When we come up with some compromising ideas for these problems" he said, then we can address Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, North Korea, Africa, Bhengazi, and Chinese hacking. He said that instead of constantly campaigning, he would work with the leaders and get things done. He said that he woud tell the public exactly how they were doing, honestly without being a demogogue and without any political motivation. He.......sh** was that a dream?

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Not much will ever get done until republicans come to their senses. They are going to destroy their party and the two party system and perhaps the whole country. I do not want to live in a one party country. Their "our way or the highway" way of doing business will not solve any of our problems. They are not entitled to the Presidency or anything else, only to work for the betterment of the country.

The words "Republicans" and "senses" in the same sentence???  Gasp!

My bad.

You forget that he had control of the congress for his first 2 years. The party of NO is the Democrat controlled Senate. Reid won't even bring up bills for a vote. How about the budget. There hasn't been one in 4 years. So tell me who is the party of no Perri

A party without Perri? Nonsense!

Mr. Salt you need to stop using republican math. President Obama took office on January 20th 2009. At that time the democrats had 57 senators and two independents who caucused with them. That is 59 and unlike republicans democrats do not vote as a block so it was not filibuster proof. On July 7th 2009 Al Frankin took office when the Minnesota election results were finally made official. Maybe that gave the democrats a filibuster proof majority. But remember democrats do not always fall in line like republicans do. Then on February 4th 2010 Scott Brown took office as a republican from Massachusetts. So there were only 59 democratic senators after that. So by my calculations the Democrats had a super majority for 212 days.
Would you please explain your claim that the democrats controlled everything for the first two years of President Obama's presidency.

The Tea party republicans have esentialy destroyed the republican party. Republican obstructionism for the past 4 yaers combined with asinine statements , one term president,Legitimate Rape, dinosour flatulence being the cause of carbon mynoxige build up during previous global warming, the 47%, etc,etc,etc have made the republican party a laughingstock.

The president can not imprision the party leaders in the oval office and Make them negociate. He is not a CEO as in the compareison yuo made the other day-that is not uor system of government.

-Now just 22% of Americans, nearly a record low, consider themselves Republicans.


-The president's overall job approval rating is 51%, a bit higher than it typically has been for the past three years. The approval rating for Republican congressional leaders is a dismal 25%. Democratic congressional leaders stand in-between, at 37%

scorce pew research poll


 Republicans wuold fair better by droping the whining abuot President Obama and repairing their own party. Most Americans have lost faith in them.

How bad is the Republicans' demographic problem? See for yourself (Interactive)

By Chris Wilson

Just to get out ahead of the pack a little, I’m going to go ahead and call the 2020 presidential election for the Democrats.

I'm less sure about 2016, though it's not looking good for the GOP. These forecasts are based on extremely simple math: Take the current rates of turnout and party preference for the four major racial and ethnic groups and plug them in to the Census Bureau’s population projections for the 18-and-over population for the next 50 years.

If you simply project the present into the future, then it’s pretty clear that Democrats have this thing in the bag—"thing" referring to the future of democracy. But we can assume that the future will not look exactly like the present, which is why this widget allows you to manipulate the percentages of each group that turn out to vote and which party they vote for. It’s when you start messing with the dials in this interactive that you realize the massive amount of trouble the GOP faces if it does not change its image with minority voters—or, as we'll soon be calling them, “plurality voters.”

Here, you can try it yourself:





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