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I received this video via email. I was going to ignore it when I saw it was 10 minutes long. I'm glad I watched it, twice.

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What I think he is saying is that we need a unified NATO force with one supreme commander. Once a country agrees to be involved in this war, they should have to give up their right to independent command. Everyone should work for whoever is the commander. Now, are we willing to agree to that rule, if the US in not in charge?
From what I have heard and saw during my sons military involvement, our current military leadership is incompetent. I think that is the same thing West is saying. So, it would seem that the whole Nato structure including the US, is screwed up.
It seems to me that all the NATO forces, and Romania too, are like the keystone cops. It seems that NATO may be more into winning the hearts and minds of the world more than the USA is.




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