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Whether you have them or don't; love them or loathe them...they're everywhere. The world of the future...always becoming, as someone wise once said. Any thoughts?

My Great Nephew Ethan

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repeating whispers
as night descends upon me
and dawn breaks for him.
Children? Not my thing
Yet when I encounter them
We are the same age
the inner child lives
no matter what world demands
come out where you are
making their breakfast
daddy ponders the future...
dreaded teenage years
too close to the truth...
pondering and wondering
and still loving them
Wrenching detachment
When a child steps out alone
Into the wide world
Acorn seedling grows
Oak tree watches thoughtfully
All his work is done
Didn't want to fall
helpless, but did anyway-
Ah, my granddaughter!
sweet pink and white girl
giggles when Granddad's rich voice
kitchy kitchy koos
Karen, you catch the wonderful duality of parenthood perfectly!

son of my body
your joy living inside me
your soul, my compass

daughters of my heart
cast in my lover's image
bright and beautiful
handing down my jeans
worn, stained, little thin in spots
pass them on my son
lullaby, my love
safe within my mortal arms
rest my little boy

so much left to say
so little time to say it
rocking you to sleep

angels guard your soul
your tired eyes close, then open
on eternity





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