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Yeah, I know it isnt macho but how many of you guys really enjoy a good love story? I just watched "Kate and Leopold" a movie with Meg Ryan (who is as cute as a puppy).  It's definitely a feel good movie. A love story. A chick flick. But it leaves you with a happy glow. So admit it, you watch them too. Do you have a favorite?

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"The Days of Wine and Roses" well made film
I like screwy, off-center movies that take conventions and cliches and turn 'em inside-out. Especially when they produce a brainy, head-spinning love story, such as "The Fountain", from Darren Aronofsky, with Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weiss worked for me. I think that "Gattaca" is a deeply moving love story, with very effective social overtones. "Edward Scissorhands" - I'll watch that anytime. Hell, I even like "Moonstruck".

But your standard, formulaic "Guy-meets girl, guy loses girl, fate brings them back together", "Pretty Woman"-style fantasy-fest makes me want to lock myself in my room and watch a Stanley Kubrick marathon just to wash the taste outta my head.
That one I did like. And what was that one with Jack Nicholson, I think it was As Good as it Gets? I'm remembering the dog and the trash chute...a little silly, but offbeat enough for me.
Which one?
You added stuff. Moonstruck.

And Nicholson reminds me of Prizzi's Honor.
I liked Earth Girls Are Easy.
I loved Moonstruck. And I liked Edward Scissorhands, too. How about Julie & Julia? I enjoyed that one so much I took my ex to see it for his b'day & then took my guy to see it the next week for HIS b'day. It's a strange world I live in, but I like it here.

(& it's getting stranger by the day '-)
I fell asleep at Moonstruck.
haha. I fell asleep @ Star Wars. Were you under the influence of some really good..... well, nm....
Don't throw 'maters at me...
All time winner of the consummate 'chick flick'

Of the one's I've seen, yeah, it's the best.
I liked The Notebook. Is that considered a chick flick?




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