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Has anyone done any chalk painting? I want to do an old buffet and I'm a little skittish about it.

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I haven't but have thought about it several times.  Here is a link that gives you great ideas and instructions on chalk painting furniture. 


Thanks for the link Syble, I'm going to check it out.

Thanks for the link Syble. I was wondering about how it's done and what it looks like when it's finished. That side table came out good.

I sure have! I painted my Cherry wood curio cabinet a light gray. No sanding, just painted it. I love chalk paint.

That's what I want a light gray,

Wonder if that would work on the interior doors in our house. I thought about replacing all the interior doors but there's a fancy-schmancy set of double doors into one room and I bet they'd be hard to replace since the house is so old. So maybe just re-painting is the way to go. (Lotta gouges in most of the doors, though...the joys of home ownership, sigh...)

This is the first I've heard of that method Lilrain. 




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