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It can be your cat, a loved one's, a friend's, or a picture from the Internet. If it's your baby, be sure to tell us so!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, sunshine!Enjoying the sun.

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From feral kitten to full-grown Eowyn, here in "her" sink.

Looks like that sink kept her a tidy cat! Pretty girl!

Oh, she was pretty. She had a marmalade brother who was very handsome with his long silky hair.

Cats and sinks...perfect fit.  We used to have one who got into the sink even though we could not stop the faucet from leaking.  She would be soaking wet and it wasn't because it was HOT outside.

Yeah! I've had cats like that too. And cats who adored water and loved to swim.

Here's a sink full o' cats!

Caught red-pawed! ツ 




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