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Can't think of a question...but here is an answer

...And the answer is............the speed of light..

Got a question?

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Answer:.......Just this side oi the middle of nowhere.

The answer may not be in the bottom of a bottle, but it can't hurt to check.

Answer to the 'speed of light'?

I don't know, but it does accurately describe the last guy I went out with before I found my current lover.


I got 47 but then I was never good at math.....

That's pretty good.

If you are driving a car at the speed of light and turn on your headlights, what happens?

--Stephen Wright

The light will be with you my friend.


The light will be going the same speed you are and therefore there will be darkness ahead of you...or something like that.

I wonder if you could see yourself in the rearview mirror.




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