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I saw this ad on television last night and thought my daughter must have been watching SNL. This is an actual ad for an actual product. I wonder if the guy in the commercial even knows what it looks like he's doing. What do you think? Will it sell?

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They both seem pretty good at it too.
Practice makes perfect, they say!
Who said, "so wrong"? WL - what??

I love it!! lmao!!

come on, folks, seriously - aren't you in a better mood after watching those? '-)
I might get one - could help with hemorrhoidal pain.
Exactly how do you plan on using it, Sir?
Please provide before pics, Wendy, so we can help you with your decision.
omg - all of the 'afters' look way worse than the 'befores'! Is it just me, or do you guys think so, too?
Geez, and to think when I was coming of age, all that guys had to be concerned with was "is she padded up top"?
Trust me kainsworth......If that system really worked, all of us guys would be walking around looking like Popeye. Well,.....one arm would anyways :)
Remember the book Subliminal Seduction from back in the 70s? I think whoever made this ad read that book.
Boy, if those people aren't careful, we men might start to get the notion that women are vain or something...

I had a nightmare about a shriveled up little old man riding on a Hoover vacuum cleaner yelling at me to demand nuclear powered household appliances after I saw this commercial.





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