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14 Years ago I almost cut out drinking entirely due to my new truck driving occupation. It's still a lot of fun to throw back a few when you're in the right company. TeeBubbaDee and his wife Dee stopped in tonight. While we were visiting my brother called and asked if they could pop in, I hadn't seen him or his fiance since the Super Bowl. It was a great time, lots of laughs!

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hahaha.... I grew up in Alabama, Aggie... I know of RC Colas & moon pies. 

Did you know anyone who would drop salted peanuts into there glass bottle of Coca Cola?

I saw a few people from my grandparents' generation do that. ;-p

No, we drop salted peanuts in Dr Pepper.  You put cherry or butterscotch in coke.
ewww on all counts.
Where I was raised in Johnson County, Texas we dropped salted peanuts into a Big Orange drink.
I did it as a kid and many people around here did. Only coke, RC or Pepsi not orange or Dr. Pepper.
It probably wasn't RC Cola since I haven't had any in a while. It was no doubt McDonald's coffee, we drank a lot of that on the trip. The candy corn didn't last all the way home. We visited with Picklealan and Caleb on the way home and didn't share any of our loot.

What a great time we had!!! All the way from Ohio, through the Carolinas, down to Florida, across Alabama, Louisiana and on into Texas, then through Tennessee and on back up to Ohio!!! What a trip... We met so many wonderful people!!! :)


Lar, we really should have shared some of our tasty loot with PA and Caleb... Well, Caleb, anyway!!!! Sorry PA, but I fell in love with Caleb... What a sweety...

TBub!!! We just had your soup for dinner and it was GREAT!!!! I'm so stuffed now that it's hard to type!!!! LMAO!!! Thank you so much for the tasty, tasty soup!!! Loved it!!!  MUAH!!!


Lar and I will have to make a special trip to Florida just to give you back your container!!! Unless you happen to get back to Ohio before then.... LOL




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