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this is in parts but i'll assume you can click the next parts....and expect the unexpected...

One of my all time favorites.

I'm not much into romantic movies but Second Hand Lions is one of my favorite flics. I could watch Robert Duvall sell shoes and enjoy him. Michael Cain is great too, so put them together, especially in that movie, and it's magic.

All good movies...have even seen some of them twice. I really don't like watching movies on the computer and for sure not in bits and pieces...if I have a choice. I will sometime watch an interview or a documentary that way. A bigger screen is better for a movie experience.

Of all those, Second Hand Lions is the one I would recommend as well. Michael Caine/ Robert Duvall?  C'mon!!  I LOVE them both.

I am trying like crazy to find the move For The Greater Glory.  Is there someplace online that I can look for it?  If not, I'll just order it from Amazon.




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