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geee you think a customer buying 32,000 rounds of ammunition would raise a few flags and eyebrows...and we would all feel safer knowing the guy next door has 32,000 rounds stored up in his house...after all...what could go wrong?

Fearful of ban, frenzied buyers swarm gun stores

Assault rifles are sold out across the country. Rounds of .223 bullets, like those used in the AR-15 type Bushmaster rifle used in Newtown, are scarce. Stores are struggling to restock their shelves. Gun and ammunition makers are telling retailers they will have to wait months to get more.

Store owners who have been in the business for years say they have never seen demand like this before.

James Zimmerman of SelwayArmory.com, a website that sells guns, ammunition and knives, says that sales really took off on Dec. 19 after President Barack Obama held a White House press conference announcing that Vice President Joe Biden would lead a team tasked with coming up with "concrete proposals" to curb gun violence.

That day, one customer ordered 32,000 rounds of ammunition from SelwayArmory.com, worth close to $18,000. The order had to be shipped from the company's Lolo, Mont., office to Kentucky on a freight truck.


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in the us, full auto is illegal per the firearms act of 1934...but it doesn't keep people from converting the semiautomatics to full automatics with a few minor changes...in fact some gun show sellers also sell the conversion kits..or you can get them online. truth be told, if you really ARE defending yourself, you're much better off with a semiautomatic anyway since you can place your shots. full automatics are essentially a spray and hope they hit everything out there before the clip is empty...and don't forget there are tech 9s and ,mac 10s available to the buyers who really want full auto. they may not be legal but for the serious gun nuts that doesn't seem to be a problem... after all it's not like disobeying the law makes them a criminal...it's the other guys who are criminals...




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