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He was writing so much about ending his life, and how he hated everyone and everything. It is the holiday season, and it came to mind when we were talking about frugal folks. Wonder where and what he did???? Did he have any friends. I felt sorry for the man.

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It's good to see you. Your art is beautiful.
Hi L. J....Nice to meet you. I deal with a lot of anger & frustration. I suppose I do not see the world the way so many happy people see it, but it is just me..It is who I am. The events in my life molded me into what I am today. Sometimes I think we are way over conditioned in our society to be overly sweet and nice and to conform to the norm.

If we don't conform, we are subjected to labels..Crazy, Mentally ill etc. Maybe if our differences were accepted in Childhood, and we were loved and cherished for our own ideas and desires instead of subjected to parents who expect little replicas of themselves we would have a healthier society.

When I was growing up I was a tomboy (inside my heart that is) but the molding to be a sweet, polite, girly girl was already in process. I couldn't go outside and tumble around in the dirt with the boys like I wanted to. What they tried to mold me into just wasn't me and as a result, I became a sort of angry person. I am accepting of myself though. I accept my anger as part of me..I don't look at it as foreign or wrong. I do not feel the need to be overly nice and happy 24/7 and as a result I do not suffer depression. I am very rarely sad either. I Don't listen to the ones who would have me conform..Just a bunch of controllers.

My secret..I look at people like the Apes they are....Wink.




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