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Guess the movie,book or song using the hints given in the preceding post.

Then put up hints about a book, movie or song.

Make them as explicit or obscure as you want.

This can be pictures, quotes, discriptions, or video clips.


The name or title of the subject you provide hints about must start with the letter of the alphabet which follows the first letter of the subject that you have identified. When we reach the end of the alphabet we start over with "A"


EXAMPLE: HINT: "Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn". 


Movie; "Gone with the Wind" (starts with a G)


NEXT HINT: The bellhop's dressed in black.


ANSWER: SONG; "Heartbreak Hotel" (starts with a H)


I'll start it off. The answer to this one has to start with an "A". 


Hint: Down the Rabbit Hole" 


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Well, I guess I'll accept Helvetica, but I was thinking Hellboy.

I don't guess the group is the Ink Spots? (:.)
Nope, nope...Not quite. Think mid-60's psychedelia...
Iron BUTTERFLY - "Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida".

And, uh, Pru...The song is called "Giving It All Away"; Both Sayer and Daltrey have sung it....

Sorry, but I can't quite make out a "J" in there anywhere...
Maybe it was "just giving it all away".


How about a tall sexy blond who carries a grudge.
Oh, my gosh. My answer was Helvetica, but I decided a font wouldn't count as a "graphic art." I am very disturbed that Snagg & I had the same obscure answer. I think I may need to get back into therapy.
No! think martial arts
Is Chuck Knorris tall? And I thought you said we could only excuse the first word if it was a narticle? And Knorris isn't a Book, Movie or Song. Robbie, no running the Forum Games when you've had too much to drink!
Chuck Norris doesn't read books - He stares them down until they tell him what he wants to know.

When Chuck Norris does push-ups, he isn't really pushing himself up - He's pushing the earth down.

When Steven Seagal kills a ninja, he only takes its hide. When Chuck Norris kills a ninja, he uses every part.

To Be Or Not To Be? That is the question. The answer is Chuck Norris.

I have absolutely no idea what the answer to Robbie's "K" might be. But Chuck Norris knows.
Just as an aside, no one has guessed this correctly yet:


Dustman ties the knot...

*hint: it's a song.*
Pru's Is probably either John Mellencamp Or Cat Stevens. they both fit the discription of the artist and have numerious songs that start with a "L".

Chez, I guessed " the Graduate" and don't remember being told I was wrong. Maybe we need additional rules? Nah, there are already too many rules in this world.
I just wasn't there to say no. Is there a forty second rule?

Sorry. Try again. It's for us old folks.
I read it as Dustin. Thats how easy it is to confuse an old guy.
BTW Dustin Hoffman is older tan me. (:>)




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