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I was just sitting here thinking about poetry when I noticed the blinking lights on my telephone, then the one on my cable box, them my router....also have one on my computer tower, & one on my printer...I have 5 flashing lights & if I were to count all the little stationary ones that stay on all night from  my speakers, camera, shredder, external modem, battery back-up, surge protectors & computer screen, there are 9 stationary ones for a total of 14...Everything is in my dining room which looks like the freeway from a distance at night.

Can you beat me? How many light are in the area you spend most of your time in? 

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DVD Player

Stereo receiver


Does the light on the surge protector count?

yup & modems & external hard drives & speakers, camera docks......The whole shabang...It's best to look when it gets dark & turn the lights out..you will start noticing all the little lights in the room you spend most of your time in..They usually range in size from a penny to a pupil when it is small. I suppose I am thinking most of you spend most of your time in the room your computers are in, but some may spend more time in their bedrooms or kitchens & some do the double whammy...Have their computers in their bedrooms..Now that can be a curse wouldn't ya think?.....

I'm in my living room now.

The modem and router are upstairs in my office, so I didn't count them.


I just turned on the lights; the two red ones turned out to be the eyes of a big spider.
I also counted my telephone & thrash compactor & surge protectors
Do glow-in-the-dark condoms count?
Ha ha..Do they blink & flicker?

Couldn't help myself......




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