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I was just sitting here thinking about poetry when I noticed the blinking lights on my telephone, then the one on my cable box, them my router....also have one on my computer tower, & one on my printer...I have 5 flashing lights & if I were to count all the little stationary ones that stay on all night from  my speakers, camera, shredder, external modem, battery back-up, surge protectors & computer screen, there are 9 stationary ones for a total of 14...Everything is in my dining room which looks like the freeway from a distance at night.

Can you beat me? How many light are in the area you spend most of your time in? 

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I think I got about 18....oh twenty.  Wait.....some are just on solid....some blink.  All I know is that when I walk out into this room in the middle of the night, it looks really cool, and makes me wish I had a doob.


Then I continue on the the bathroom, to take a pee, and realize that I'd better forget about the doob idea and go back to sleep.



I think I just wet my pants......:-D
Good God, I'm not even going to admit how many; it looks like the milky way in here.


I've got....4 steady 1 blinky: modem

                 2 steady and 2 flickers : router

                1 steady (very pretty) green light and a flicky red one: tower

...and the ever so annoying blinky green one on the monitor if I forget to turn it off.  That's the most annoying for some reason....go figure.  :-)
If the downlink mode light — does it blink?
Then your modem has gone out of sync.
Where would that be...should I be worried?
OK...I'm turning out the lights......I know I can find my way around here without the overheads.EEEW Pretty...red, green, white, yellow & blue& a lost moth hitting my computer screen as soon as I turned the lights out.....Little sucker is making lots of noise.
I'm too tired to count right now, but I will say this... the blinking ones from both my bedside landline phone & my cell phone REALLY annoy me at night. When I'm sleeping alone, I wind up putting them on the floor, and then I still have to point the blinking part UNDER the bed, or they're still annoying. When I'm not sleeping alone, I wind up SLAMMING them onto the floor b/c they're REALLY distracting. ;-p
*they make a pill for that...*
do you have a supply you could share w/me?
Ha ha...Better she slams.....




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