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I was just sitting here thinking about poetry when I noticed the blinking lights on my telephone, then the one on my cable box, them my router....also have one on my computer tower, & one on my printer...I have 5 flashing lights & if I were to count all the little stationary ones that stay on all night from  my speakers, camera, shredder, external modem, battery back-up, surge protectors & computer screen, there are 9 stationary ones for a total of 14...Everything is in my dining room which looks like the freeway from a distance at night.

Can you beat me? How many light are in the area you spend most of your time in? 

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I may be close; I'll count'em tonight "when the stars come out."
Sounds dreamy......

Exactly three.....one on cable box, one battery back-up, one little bitty power light on computer tower.

I one energy efficient feller!!!

Proud of you Bob...:)
Beautiful song Kooner
Hey caseyjo...you have me beat by 2 lights, Great Song! 
Hi Craig.Yeah Kooner mentioned the song..I went & brought it here.....2 lights huh & you should see all my electrical cords & cables..At least they are somewhat hidden..How are you? Nice to see you. I am a Atlantis cast-away never allowed to return so you will only see me not behaving myself over here....:}...Cant help my rebellious soul.
That's the same flock I always fly with REBELLIOUS YES!......UNION YES!...TILL I DIE !!!  ;)
I tried to join a union once a long time ago. Me & all the people who planned on voting for the union got fired from our job & they never voted on having the union...The same girl that tried to get us to get the union in changed her mind about it & she kept her job......What a B.....Anyway..It was Ca. so I went to the better business Bureau & got my vacation pay & the whole 9 yards.....
Good for you, gotta stand for something, or we fall for anything! Looks like it's time for the tree to be trimmed from the top, but I've been saying the same for years. Want better Buds ....clip the leaves...seems useless, when all they do is take and not contribute.
Awe the wisdom......
In this room only one on my laptop.




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